PSS Lite

A robust and affordable PSS solution ready to scale

Why a PSS lite?

Retail ready

An eCommerce solution is included out of the box with basic features for ticket sales. It's also easy to be integrated to other IBE's solutions.


FWL is a also a services company with engineering resources available to personalise any desire feature at standard development rates.

API Integrated

A set of APIs are available to integrate with company ERP and 3rd party retail systems such as OTAs and travel parners.

Low cost

FWL PSS is the most affordable solution in the market for low and high volume of sales with no hidden costs.


Main revenue features are supported such as SSIM import, fare bases and classes setup, multi-channel and multi-currency fares and more.

Operation ready

The solution includes a DCS ready to be deployed out of the box with a simple and easy tu use interface for ground personnel.

FWL PSS Lite is a robust and battle tested reservation system that includes all retail, operation and revenue features to operate small to medium size airlines. The architecture and data model compatible with legacy PSS systems.








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